Jan. 17th, 2014

debgeisler: (headshot2)
I had two awkward and difficult conversations today. Both were warm and charming and (the awkward part) far, far too complimentary.

To #1: It's important to remember that nobody is successful in our sorts of ventures unless a lot of other people want them to be...and unless a lot of other people do damned astounding work. You guys were the best. (I'm pretty sure if you are reading this and were part of "you guys," you know who I'm talking to.) You know what peeves me now, nearly 10 years later? That when someone says, "That was amazing," you all don't get to hear that. Because you deserve it.

And, to #2: if there is aught in this brain of mine worth using, it's yours. Why did I become a teacher? Because if I know cool stuff, it infects me. I can't keep it to myself. I want other people to be as excited as I am...and don't want them to be hurt by doing the wrong thing if some of my time could show them a right thing. But I'm no hero, and pedestals are cold, drafty, lonely places. Ignore my age (oh, *please*), and just share what I've got to give.
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