Feb. 19th, 2014

debgeisler: (headshot2)
They're not the flash or the sizzle.

They are Alex Deibold, who took an unexpected bronze in snowboardcross. This is his second Olympics, sort of.

He was at the winter games in Vancouver four years ago - as a wax technician, keeping the boards in shape for the four men who were actually on the US team. Now? Now the 27-year-old Vermont native has a bronze medal...and we can hope that he'll get real sponsorship, so he can concentrate on his sport instead of the variety of jobs he's held to pay for his passion.

And there's gold medalist David Wise, who is not the bad-boy-rebel-type of freestyle skier.

Wise is 23, married, has a 2-year-old daughter he dotes on, and, while he has some sponsorship, it's not the splashy sort. He hasn't been featured on sports magazine covers. While he does some advertising, the television ad he was in before Sochi...was for Pampers. :-)

Steady. Solid. The very opposite of the showy and self-absorbed athletes the media usually focus on.

I like these guys. They're damned fine role models for future Olympians.
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