Nov. 4th, 2016

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In recent years on election day, people in and near Rochester, New York have been putting their “I Voted!” stickers on the headstone of Susan B. Anthony at Mount Hope Cemetery, to thank this one of our foremothers for helping make women's suffrage a reality.

We can’t all get to Rochester! So, rather than getting frustrated, I pulled together a list of 70 or so women from the suffrage movement who we might be near. If one of the women below is buried near you or passed away in your area, consider (1) putting a flower on her grave, in memory, if she is buried near you (“I Voted!” stickers are fine, too, of course – but flowers make me feel happier right now. YMMV.); (2) reading about her history and contributions to our shared heritage of rights; (3) donating a few dollars to a cause about which you care, in her memory. Myself, I'll do all three (I've learned a lot putting this list together!), and I'm particularly interested in going to Melrose or Cambridge or Jamaica Plain this weekend.

Some of the women below are very well known in the Women’s Suffrage movement in the United States. Others may be less known, but no less valuable, to our shared history of demanding equality as human beings in a democratic society. They cared to be part of the important process of coming together and building a government of *all* of the people, by *all* of the people, and for *all* of the people.

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