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While this is mostly for a project [ profile] gerisullivan is doing, it's always a good idea to save these recipes, just in case my iPad goes kerblooie.

First, the tzatziki sauce/salad/stuff.


1 pint Greek-style super thick yoghurt, preferably *not* non-fat
1 English cucumber
3 garlic cloves, finely minced or mashed to a paste
1/3 cup olive oil
1 tablespoon red wine vinegar
1 tablespoon minced fresh dill

1. Prepare cucumber: peel, seed, and grate on a box grater. Then salt lightly, leave for 5 minutes, and then squeeze between the hands to remove moisture.

2. Mix everything together thoroughly. Cover. Refrigerate for a minimum of 3 hours to let flavors come together. Stir before serving.

Next, the dolmas/stuffed grape leaves.

Dolmas (stuffed grape leaves)

1 lb. ground lamb (this may be hard to source, so be sure you can get it before getting excited about this recipe)
1 lb. ground beef
1/2 c. uncooked rice
1 medium onion, cut in small dice
1/2 - 2/3 c. chopped fresh herbs: any combination of mint, parsley, dill
1 t. dried thyme
1 large jar of grape leaves (We use these.)
2 c. chicken broth/stock
2-3 T. olive oil

1. Remove grape leaves from jar, drain, and place (unfurled) in large bowl. Add hot water to cover. Soak for 15 minutes. (This step is designed to leach out the salt that many grape leaves are packed in. Taste the water after the first soak. If it is quite briney, drain the grape leaves and soak in cold water. Otherwise, one soak is usually fine.) Drain and set aside.

2. Combine the lamb, beef, rice, onion, herbs, thyme, salt and pepper together in a bowl. Mix thoroughly.

3. Comb through leaves and find any rejects (too big, too small, shredded, etc.). Take a few of these and line the bottom of a straight-walled pan: a large saute pan or a 6 quart pot/Dutch oven.

4. Begin making the dolmas. Take a grape leaf and turn it so the under side is up. Put a tablespoon or so (depending on the size of the leaf) onto a leaf. Fold sides in. Then fold top down and roll toward unfolded side. Roll fairly tightly. When finished, you should have something that looks like a half of a cigar. They will look like this.

5. Place finished dolmas loose side down in a pan, stacking sideways and filling first one layer and then, if needed, a second. When all of the dolmas are in the pan, drizzle 2-3 Tablespoons of olive oil over them and pour in chicken broth/stock. Top with more rejected leaves to make a complete layer on the dolmas. Place a bread or dinner plate (depending on size of pan) on top of the dolmas, right side up.

6. Cover pan and cook over medium heat for ~30 minutes. Remove from heat and let stand at least 15 minutes more.

Yield = 70ish.

Serve dolmas with tzatziki, lemon wedges, and pita cut into triangles.
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