Feb. 2nd, 2014

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Okay, I'm not watching this year's Super Bowl for the game. While I'm fondish of Seattle, loathe Denver, and hope the Seahawks prevail, I'm not hugely invested in the outcome of the game. Me, I watch for the ads...and my students and I will be discussing them on Tuesday in my Persuasion class.

This is, however, one of those modern food occasions, when people get together with friends, swill beer, and eat many things. Sausages seem to be one "traditional" food. Chicken wings. And Mexican specialties like guacamole, chili, chile con queso, tacos, and lots of tortilla chips and salsa.

Our Super Bowl dinner is "Gina's Hot and Spicy Tortilla Soup," together with whatever munchies from the antipasto (peppers, cebollitos, etc.) we got yesterday...and, later, caramel apple bread pudding.

Here’s the recipe for my memory banks... )

I think this is the best chicken soup that can be made in 1 hour or less, providing you like the ingredients. (It is not overly hot at all, btw.) It is probably one of the best chicken soups period. Mike first made it one night when I was teaching a night class, and it was cold, wet, and nasty out, and I was completely exhausted. I came home to this. It was *amazing.* So, of course, is Mike.

The recipe makes enough for two meals for two people, and it reheats well (since you don't anoint the base soup with tortilla chips, etc., until it goes in individual bowls).

Think of it as Mexican pho.
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